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Papillons are known for their intelligence, and Paps has taken this to a new level. Thanks to time spent in front of the tee vee, he can read many human words, and even understands some human tech.

His humans treat him well, but there is a divide, an unspoken gap between him and them. They are one, and he is seperate. This gap is unbridgeable. Until now.

One day Paps sees a building where dogs go in, but only humans come out. He identifies the facility as The Human Society, and he begins an amazing journey that leads him to question the very meaning of Canine existence. For more info about this canine novel visit The Human Society page: The Human Society page

About Bayla


Why Bayla? In the early nineteen hundreds Bela Vitanyi passed through Ellis Island, and was asked his name. He responded "Bela" (pronounced "Bayla") which apparently sounded like "Bill", so it was declared that his name would henceforth be Bill, short for William. Apparently he approved, naming one of his sons William, which started a family tradition of sorts.

In an homage to Bela, my grandfather, the intrepid soul who lost his name at Ellis Island, and to phonics, I named my company Bayla Publishing. Welcome! Read more thoughts of an author.

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Retirement is the Beginning

Office Wellness

My name is William R. Vitanyi, and I am the author of several books, and the owner of Bayla Publishing. My latest novel is The Human Society, a dramatic yet humorous account of one dog's perilous journey of canine discovery. See the Human Society page.

After thirty years working as a programmer for the State of Pennsylvania, I am now retired and focused on writing and publishing. The programmer in me wants to write apps as well as novels, so retirement looks to be quite busy. Stay tuned for more thoughts of an author!

Thought of an author #1. Although this section is called thoughts of an author, I am also a publisher. Can one person do it all when it comes to writing and publishing a book? Yes! There is a lot to learn, but if you forge ahead with determination and a willingness to learn, you can do it all. The question is: do you want to?

Books by William R. Vitanyi

From technological fiction to office humor to canine coming of age - Bayla brings you laughs, thrills, and woof.

Every book has a story behind the story. Click on the cover within each book section below to visit the detail page, or click the link to go directly to the order page.

The Human Society

Palm Sunday

A very smart show dog strikes out on his own in a quest to become human, but the world outside the ring is a dangerous place.

After he misreads a sign, Paps enlists the help of all classes of dogs--both wild and domestic--to find the Human Society, where dogs go to become human, or so he believes.

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Official Guide to Office Wellness

Office Wellness

100 office workers pose on, over, and in their desks and cubicles to demonstrate animal-inspired techniques designed to alleviate office maladies. Winner of an IPPY for humor.

Gift one to your favorite office worker! Click the cover to learn more.

Kindle $2.99


Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

In this techno-thriller, a hidden agency is secretly data mining all online communications to create a "societal profile".

This snapshot of the national conversation is the result of scooping up virtually everything communicated online by everyone. If you send it, they store it. Click the cover to learn more.

Kindle $2.99




Cubicle humor with a twist.

State worker Clint Palmer has spent far too much time in the box, and his cubicle weariness has now been honed to razor sharp indifference. One day he learns of a grant that could fund his dream company, but to qualify he must get fired from the State. Click the cover to learn more.

Kindle $2.99

In Progress

Bayla is currently involved in the passionate promotion of The Human Society, and is preparing for the next literary offering.

Please visit again for updates on our progress.

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