Excerpt: Chapter One

"Now that's a massage."

I smiled, despite my throbbing wrist. "You better appreciate it. My carpal tunnel is acting up."

"Sorry about that." Craig said sorry a lot. He glanced up at me. "Why don't you hop up here and give your wrist a break?"

"I don't know; it's an old table. It might not hold both of us."

"Let's find out." He playfully stroked my inner thigh. "Come on, Angie. Don't be a chicken."

I hesitated, but then climbed gingerly onto the narrow table, and on top of him. I was dressed in only bra and panties, and I felt him push my panties to the side ever so slightly, ready to complete what we had started. Suddenly the table quivered, and my adrenalin surged. I looked down at Craig. "Uh oh…"

That's as far as I got before the table collapsed. For a second I was airborne, and then crashed onto the floor, Craig and what used to be my massage table in a heap beneath me. He laughed hysterically. "A massage with a bang. You should put that on your flyers."

I was upset. "Damn. Now I have to buy a new table." I added absently, "Hope you're not hurt." Oblivious to my concern he pulled at my bra, but I pushed his hand away. "Let's leave it for another time."

"Babe, it's just a table."

That was the moment, right there, when I decided that getting involved with Craig, who started out as a client and then became my lover, would be my first and last such adventure. The very next day I purchased a new massage table and established a rule:

Never get romantically involved with a client.

That was seven years ago, and the rule had stood the test of time. Back in the present I pondered how I was such a different person now than when I had first started out as a professional massage therapist. Daydreaming about that long-ago incident passed the time while I filled my tank with gas.

"It's usually not my style to chat up women who are pumping flammables, but if I don't give you my card, I know I'll regret it later."

The voice startled me, and I almost dropped the nozzle, my heart pounding. I hadn't noticed anybody when I pulled in, but one minute I was pumping gas—and daydreaming—the next…

"So here—give me a call. I'd love to take you out to dinner."

I turned and looked into a pair of inquisitive, sparkling eyes. The deep voice and crisp, white business card had just… appeared.

"Oh. Well…I may just do that," is what I said. What are you thinking is what my mind screamed.

"All right, then. I look forward to it."

He turned and walked to his car—a black Mercedes— and drove off, a last reassuring look tossed in my direction. I absently watched as he pulled up behind a convoy of three stretch limos crawling past the gas station. Their appearance was unusual for this sleepy part of town, and I watched as they slowed to a graceful halt at the stop light.

I wonder where they're going? They turned left at the light, maybe on the way to something exciting in the nearby metro area. I loved the charming, small-town character of my mid-sized city, and I smiled. The Mercedes pulled out and disappeared past the limos, and then the clicking of the nozzle brought me back to the present.

Why in the world had I told him I might call? Here I was, a single and perfectly happy self-employed massage therapist, finally taking charge of my life, without the inevitable soap opera of a relationship. I had the freedom to do the things I wanted, and I surely wanted to keep it that way.

Now this! I shook my head and paid for the gas, the incident nagging. To my great surprise, it stayed on my mind all afternoon, until later when I got home. I slowly peddled my exercise bike while examining the white business card.

About the Author

Andy Vogt When a massage therapist—imported from Germany—with a passion for writing meets a keyboard, the result is a seductive, humorous, and uniquely intriguing novel about…you guessed it: MASSAGE! With a wild and crazy imagination, a warped sense of humor, and many years of experience as a professional massage therapist, Andy Vogt is a rising literary star who integrates her passion for massage with passion for writing.

Says Andy: "Every time I see a beautiful butterfly fluttering by, I instantly smile. Just watching that little creature brings joy to my heart. It symbolizes lightheartedness, joy, love, happiness, a free and independent spirit, and most of all, it is a symbol of transformation."

Hi, I'm Andrea and I am happy that your search has led you here. Let me share with you why I have chosen the butterfly as my logo. Every time I see a beautiful butterfly fluttering by, I instantly smile. Just watching that little creature brings joy to my heart. To me it symbolizes lightheartedness, joy, love, happiness, a free and independent spirit, and most of all, it is a symbol of transformation.

Massage Theraapy One of nature's great mysteries is the metamorphosis from a crawling caterpillar, after going through a chrysalis, to a colorful and beautiful butterfly. Fighting its way out of the old form, the butterfly emerges free to explore the world from a completely new perspective, and to flutter through life in joy.

One day you may find yourself desiring a better, more meaningful life. At that point, you may not even know what this something better exactly looks like. But if you have patience, it will come to you and you will find yourself on a path of transformation very similar to that of the butterfly.

Maybe you are in the caterpillar stage right now, and you feel like you're just living from day to day and are stuck in your old mold, but you also have the desire to change circumstances or behavior. Or you want to shake up your life altogether. Then again, you may find yourself already in the chrysalis stage, but are impatient with the slow pace of transformation. Or you are lost at what changes of your current lifestyle you are actually seeking.

It does not matter where you are at this point in your life. The important thing is that you have already taken the first step in your desire for change. As I went through this transformation some time ago myself, I want to inspire and motivate you on your journey until you get to the final stage of becoming a beautiful butterfly.

As mind, body and soul are interconnected, living a healthy lifestyle includes good eating habits and increased physical activity, as well as finding ways to effectively dealing with stress, maintaining a positive outlook on life, and generally becoming a content and happy person. Once you start making changes in those areas, you will be well on your way to reaching your goal. Enjoy your journey!

Did You Know?

Secrets of a Massage Therapist started as a request for advice, and turned into Bayla Publishing's first published novel by an outside author. The idea of a professional massage therapist writing a story about a professional massage therapist was too good to pass up.

Andy Vogt incorporates many of her experiences as a professional massage therapist into Secrets of a Massage Therapist, and includes a few more from her creative imagination. Andy promotes personal transformation and a healthy lifestyle in her private life as well as in public appearances.

Says Andy:

"Life Is Too Short–So Kiss Slowly,
Laugh Insanely, Love Truly
And Live With Passion."

Andy's personal website: Andy Vogt Website

Andy Vogt

Publisher Contact

Bayla Publishing
PO Box 457
Edinboro, Pa. 16412

[email protected]


Title: Secrets of a Massage Therapist
Author: Andy Vogt
Genre: Spicy Romance, Humor
Format: Ebook, Trade Paperback
Page Count: 240
Published: 2011
Publisher: Bayla Publishing
Availability: Kindle, Nook, Online

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