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From technological fiction to office humor and even romance, writtten by a professional massage therapist, Bayla brings you laughs, thrills, and spice.

These books are products of the micropublisher revolution, and are available as trade paperback, eBook, and in some cases, hard cover.

Every book has a story behind the story. Click on the cover within each book section to visit the detail page, or click the link to go directly to the Kindle page.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

In this techno-thriller, a hidden agency is secretly data mining all online communications to create a "societal profile".

This snapshot of the national conversation is the result of scooping up virtually everything communicated online by everyone. If you send it, they store it. Click the cover to learn more.

Kindle $2.99


Official Guide to Office Wellness

Office Wellness

100 office workers pose on, over, and in their desks and cubicles to demonstrate animal-inspired techniques designed to alleviate office maladies.

Winner of an IPPY for humor.

Gift one to your favorite office worker! Click the cover to learn more.

Kindle $2.99


Secrets of a Massage Therapist

Secrets of a Massage Therapist

The mysterious world of massage therapy is the backdrop for this humorous and sizzling story of new love.

A professional massage therapist meets a mystery writer, and sparks fly as they are tested by dark characters in both their lives. Caution: contains spice! Click the cover to learn more.

Kindle $4.99




Cubicle humor with a twist.

State worker Clint Palmer has spent far too much time in the box, and his cubicle weariness has now been honed to razor sharp indifference. One day he learns of a grant that could fund his dream company, but to qualify he must get fired from the State. Click the cover to learn more.

Kindle $2.99


We currently develop apps for Android, and our offerings include the BaylaDex, and Choose and Clues.

Click on the cover within each app section to visit the detail page, or click the link to go directly to the Google Play Store page.



Sometimes you just want access to plain text information organized in a simple database on your phone or tablet.

With the BaylaDex you create content as plain text information and organize it into Items within Categories. Click image to visit the app website.

Free from Google Play Store


Choose and Clues

Choose and Clues

In this app you are immersed in a mystery, and your job is to solve it. By matching characteristics learned in the story to clues provided, you eliminate suspects, methods, and motives.

On the journey to a solution you control which way the story flows by choosing whether to jump to other characters as opportunities arise.

Free from Google Play Store

Strictly My Opinion

Bill and Chiba.
by William R. Vitanyi, Jr.

This section of Bayla Publishing is reserved for the opinion of the owner - me. In this space I shall bloviate about anything that I choose. Feel free to respond via any of our provided communication methods.

The Micropublisher Revolution

While some cling to the notion that only large corporations should determine what is published, it is the reader who is the final arbiter. If I write a book, and have the technical ability to publish it, then its success or failure should ultimately depend on the quality of the writing and its effectiveness in connecting with the reader.

Micropublishing is the creation, production, dissemination, and marketing of as few as one title, often one's own manuscript, under control of a very small publishing entity, often consisting of one person. A revolution reflects a desire for change, and in the case of book publishing, that change allows authors to take the matter of publishing into their own hands. I endorse the revolution.

Best Dog Breeds

The seven best dog breeds are:

Bassett Hound

More to follow.

Basic for Android

I have used Basic for Android to develop Android apps for over five years, and highly recommend this rapid application design package. If you are familiar with Visual Basic then you will be developing complex apps very quickly. If you are not, the B4A language, like VB, is very English-oriented, and easy to learn.

Installation and configuration is relatively easy. For more info see my article here:

Basic for Android

When To Outline

by William R. Vitanyi, Jr.

Every writer has their own approach to outlining. I outline from the very beginning, literally creating a story line on a piece of paper before I write even one paragraph. I pencil in major and minor events at various points in my story, and gradually fill in the gaps as my mind conjures up new stuff. Only when I have a fairly complete progression do I actually start to write.

This helps me in a couple ways. First, if I have a general idea of how the story will progress, I can build the foundation for events that I know will come later. Second, this outline gives me something to write towards. If my character is on Hill A, and by the beginning of the next chapter she has to rescue a man in distress on Hill B, then my task is to move the character from A to B. It helps to know where you're headed, and the outline is a critical part of this process.

Using an outline as a structural tool allows you to attack the creative aspect of story development in a different way. Instead of getting bogged dow in a morass of verbiage, you can spend time actually thinking about what might happen next. Step away from your keyboard and watch life unfold around you. Then, instead of using your words, use your imagination. You'll be amazed at what ends up in your outline, and ultimately in your story.

Sometimes writers outline only when their work is finished, as documentation. Everyone works differently, and for some this may be fine. In my opinion, if you're going to use an outline, you might as well do it when it would be useful as a tool while your work is in progress.

In the News

Obama White House Tracked FOIA Request For Hillary Emails That Was Improperly Denied. SOURCE: Chuck Ross The Daily Caller

Alyssa Milano's Sex Strike Plays Right Into Hands of Misogynists. SOURCE: Sirena Bergman The Independent

Supreme Court Allows Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple to Proceed. SOURCE: Ronn Blitzer Fox News

Journalism Is Dead . SOURCE: Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness

In Progress

Chiba demonstrates her ability to mimic human lips while doing complex math in her mind.

Trust us on the math thing.

Bayla is currently working on a book that involves dogs, humans, drama, technology, and humor. It is the fictional account, based on canine reality, of one dog's attempt to...

More to follow.

Dog Fact: The Chihuahua is the fourth most popular dog breed in the world, and is named after a state in Mexico. Although rarely exceeding 7 lbs in weight, the Chihuahua is known for its big-dog-sized attitude, and fierce loyalty.

About Bayla

Bill Vitanyi, Owner.

Bayla Publishing was initially created for the purpose of producing The Official Guide to Office Wellness. As a micropublisher Bayla is dedicated to the proposition of passionate promotion, which is only possible through close attention to every facet of the publication process.

From conception, to layout, to marketing, Bayla carefully guides projects from concept to reality.

Why Bayla? In the early nineteen hundreds Bela Vitanyi passed through Ellis Island, and was asked his name. He responded "Bela" (pronounced "Bayla") which apparently sounded like "Bill", so it was declared that his name would henceforth be Bill, short for William. Apparently he approved, naming one of his sons William, which started a family tradition of sorts.

In an homage to Bela, my grandfather, the intrepid soul who lost his name at Ellis Island, and to phonics, I named my company Bayla Publishing

To contact me send email to: Contact Bayla

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