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HubPages is a web site and a community that creates a space in which you can be the writer that you want to be. You write what you want, even improving it over time, and become part of a community of readers, writers, and commentators who provide feedback and who, like you, offer their own writing

Adsense: Monetize Your Writing

Through Google AdSense you make money when readers click on ads that show with your article, or hub. Creating excellent content draws followers to your hubs, which in turn generates clicks to products or services that are related to your writing. There is no cost to the writer or the reader. HubPages is free.

For more information on using HubPages, visit my hub titled HubPages: Blogging with Benefits.


As part of the reader experience a blog can be an important aspect of a website. Many writers to do their blog-like writing at HubPages. The writing community that exists at HubPages, and the opportunity to get paid for your writing are irresistible draws. You can write articles about anything, with pictures, links, video and other enhancements, and get paid for doing so. You are no longer just a writer. You are a hubber.

See for Yourself

If you like to write articles about anything, and want to make money for your efforts, then HubPages may be for you. Some of my hubs are summarized below. My topics are eclectic, as there are times when I just want to grind out a 500-word hub about...anything. I encourage you to visit my hubs and see if this is something that would interest you. While you're there be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think. And in case you were wondering, that's me holding Andy Dick in the photo below. .

Bayla Hubs

Lifting Andy Dick: Sharknado II

Andy Dick

As stood in line waiting to meet America's favorite Hollywood actor on campus that night, I just knew that something special was about to happen. Holding him in my arms was like a Sharknado. Or two.

Internet Vulnerability

Internet Vulnerability

Fiber optic lines run beneath city streets, across telephone poles, buried underground, or even above ceiling tiles. Not all wires are fiber optic, and much data is sent without using wires at all. Untold trillions of bytes of data flow everywhere, and some of that data is yours.

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides many services to those in need throughout the world. In order to accomplish this effectively they utilize the quasi-military model of evangelical non-discriminatory social welfare provisioning. It originated from the vision and passion of one man, and continues to this day.

Pony Tails on Men

pony tails on men

For men of old the pony tail was a mark of style, but on today's older man it looks ridiculous. Why do men like me grow pony tails?

Catch a Bass, Barehanded


When you go fishing you expect to use your rod and reel to catch a fish. Imagine my surprise when I saw my son catch an 18-inch bass with his bare hands!

Shakespeare's Dilemma

Shakespeare Film

"Shakespeare's Dilemma" features Shakespearean characters in a modern office setting. This is a critical analysis of that film, which was produced by John C. Lyons..

When a Cockatiel Flies Away

Cockatiels fly away

If your cockatiel flies off into the wild blue yonder, how do you find one bird out of millions? We did, but read about the danger of not having your pet bird's wings clipped. Amazing story!

Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

Illegal immigration and immigration policy in general represent issues of growing concern. Much of our law in this regard has been cobbled together over a long period of time, and much of it makes little sense in the context of current realities.

Sample Newspaper Interview

Sample Newspaper Article

Eugene Pennington is not your average overachiever. In fact, he's been turning garbage into profit ever since he was in grade school. Eugene is a rubbish retrofitter, converting ordinary castoffs into valuable commodities. Read his story in this sample newspaper article.

Blogging with Benefits

Blogging for Money

Instead of simply blogging, consider writing for a community that offers feedback, interaction, and the possibility to make money for your efforts.

HubPages lets you write what you want, and pays you. Read the article to see how it works.

The Oscillating Universe

Repeating Destiny

The Oscillating Universe Theory hypothesizes that the universe expands and contracts in an infinite series of cycles. Shall we meet again?

Sun Pillars

Sun Pillar

Aside from the ascetic beauty of a sun pillar, it also evokes thoughts of the ephemeral nature of human existence. It is a reminder that the unexpected can happen at any moment, and that the unexpectedly beautiful should be appreciated as a fleeting gift. Does digital photography ruin the experience?

A Funny Walking Story

Funny Walking Story

In the blistering heat of central Pennsylvania one man learns the lesson of taking oneself too seriously. Humor for walkers, runners, or any fanatical exercise enthusiasts.

Free Will or Cause and Effect?

Free Will

The scientist in all of us makes us want to understand how things work. This need to know how presupposes that for everything there is a cause and an effect; for each action an equal and opposite reaction; for every rhyme a reason. What of free will, then?

Catch and Release a Chipmunk

Catch a Chipmunk

Whether you live in the city or the country, your home is likely to be visited at some point by a chipmunk. Although they are cute, they can also be destructive and unhealthy. This hub shows you how to set up a trap to catch the little guys, and also shows how to release them.

Marines on Iwo Jima

Marines on Iwo Jima

Sometimes in life a happenstance event leads to a profound discovery. My uncle died fighting on Iwo Jima in 1945, and a recent purchase led to a link to that fateful event.

Data Mining and Spying

Data Mining

A successful data mining operation requires a substantial data set as a starting point, but what if it's your data? Read about data mining and domestic spying.

Ender's Game and Bullying

Review of Enders Game

Ender's Game is a compelling science fiction tale, a life lesson, and a dramatic story of interpersonal relationships, not to mention inter-species intrigue. For those who have been bullied, Ender Wiggin is a figure to relate to. Read this review.

InterLibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan beat the Internet by about 100 years. Virtually any published information held by a library somewhere is available to a local library patron through this program, which has been around for a long time.

Hiking in Fall

Hiking in Fall

Perception, time, attitude. These changeable aspects of the human condition are readily embraced in the solitude of the fall forest. When the trees shed their leaves, take a hike, behold the myriad lessons that nature imparts, and be at peace.

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